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School's In! Free Art Class - Info & Resources

I'm making a free-to-access art class, going live at 9am on Weds 1st April to my newsletter subscribers. It will be available for all to access on social media from Mon 6th Apr.

Although it's set up to be suitable for primary/early secondary school children, it will be fun for all ages - including adults seeking a calming creative outlet. The format will focus on using everyday household items to achieve a variety of artistic finishes.

There are 2 suggested resource lists at the foot of the page - one is a collection of art materials/stationery that you will ideally need as the base items for the activities.

The second list is a scavenger hunt of household items, which will be used in the class videos. You may wish to seek them out in advance but if you have wee ones that would enjoy a scavenger hunt, please leave them strategically placed to be "found". Of course, you don't need to get them all, and you might have other things that you could use in their place. The whole idea is to think how we can use the materials we have around us. The scavenger hunt is planned as part of the class so don't feel that you need to do this in advance!

What format will the class be in, do I need to sign in to anything?

The aim is for the students to make their own masterpiece landscape (there's various themes to choose from). After an introduction and fun scavenger hunt, they'll learn how to make their own style of marks and textures, then use what they've learned to make a really unique piece of art. The beauty of this lesson is that there's no right or wrong, and everyone's piece will be different.

All you need tech-wise is the internet, I will film the class and upload it on to a hidden web page. The link to that page will be shared with my subscribers on Wednesday morning, then posted on my social media the following Monday. The exact itinerary is currently subject to logistics but I aim to divide it in to:

1 - Introduction, Register & Scavenger Hunt

2 - Different ways to use paint

3 - Fun with wax

4 - Printmaking

5 - Making your Masterpiece

There will be a separate video for each. I have no idea how long each video will be exactly, less than half an hour, but the idea is that you can approach it as a series of different lessons, pause it to go at your own pace, or binge the whole thing as an art-a-thon.

Add your names to the register - You don't have to do this! However I thought it would be fun to read out a register of names. If you add the names here by 30th March, they'll appear in the video.

Add names to the register here

How do I subscribe to get the advance link on 1st Apr? - Sign up to my newsletters here!

2 x Resource Lists - if you'd like to print these out please feel free to save the image and print as many as you like. If you don't have a printer, you can open the image on a screen instead.

And is it really free? Yes! Absolutely anyone can access this class if they have the internet. I do of course appreciate your endorsements and there will be information in the class about how you can help me with a quick share of my art posts. You can leave a tip via Paypal if you wish, but these are tough times for all of us and there is absolutely no obligation to do so.

What if we need help? I think you'll be ok but if you have any questions at all or want to ask about substitute items feel free to give me a shout - either message me on social media or see "Contact" link below.


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