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Welcome to my new art class!  Have you got your materials ready?  If you're new you can find the class prep info here.  If you need any help, feel free to get in touch.

This class is free to access for everyone.  If you enjoy it and would like to show appreciation, there's a number of ways you can support my small business:

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1 - Introduction, Register & Scavenger Hunt

Telling you about the classes and your project.  We'll take the register, then set you off on your scavenger hunt!

Resources - Scavenger hunt list

2 - Paint Effects

Showing you how to get different looks with paint.  Make your own simple tools to make your art stand out from the rest!

Resources - paper, paint, water, kitchen roll/old towel, paint brush, flour, salt, sand, sponge, cereal packet/thin cardboard

3 - Using Wax

Make oil and water mix!  

Resources - paper, paint, water, kitchen roll/old towel, paint brush, soap, wax crayon or oil pastel, candle, pencil or something pointy (but not too sharp!)

4 - Printmaking

Create your own stamps.

Resources - paper, paint, water, kitchen roll/old towel, paint brush, bubblewrap, polystyrene, thick cardboard, string, PVA glue, spaghetti, leaves/grasse

5 - The Final Project!  Make your Masterpiece

Actually, make as many as you like.  You have learned so many new skills, why not try them out in different scenes?  Choose from:  The Countryside, Outer Space, Under the Sea, Buildings, Deep in the Jungle.  Plan what skills to use, choose your colours and have fun! 

Resources - all the things!

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